The New Truth About Vitamins And Minerals

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The New Truth About Vitamins And Minerals


Imagine, forty percent of the American public takes a multivitamin and there is no guidebook or study that evaluates these pills. Americans swallow vitamins pills by the millions, but do they do more harm than good as detractors claim?

Vitamin pills are the best health insurance that one can buy. Being an advocate of dietary supplementation, too often I would receive phone calls from people that their health conditions weren’t improving, in fact, were getting worse, after they began taking vitamins. I wondered why vitamin pills weren’t always living up to their promise?

Upon investigation, I found most multivitamins were poorly formulated. They were impotent, unbalanced and incomplete. Most brands either followed the ridiculous daily allowance (RDA) or attempted to lure consumers by providing more and more milligrams of vitamins and minerals. Some brands showcased certain nutrients but provided trivial doses.

Full-grown males and post-menopausal females certainly don’t need supplemental iron, yet some brands provide excessive amounts of this rusty mineral. Excessive amounts of riboflavin can cause sun-sensitivity and lead to premature aging of the skin and eyes. An imbalance of calcium and magnesium can result in chronic muscle spasms, heart flutters, constipation, and calcifications throughout the body. No wonder consumers often don’t feel better when they take multivitamins.